[CentOS] CentOS9 as VBox guest - kernel panic

Thu Jan 19 17:53:02 UTC 2023
Bill Gee <bgee at campercaver.net>

There were no replies to this question.  After digging in a bit, I found 
a way to make it work.  I made two changes, and it is not clear whether 
one or the other - or both - were needed.

Change one - Upgrade to VirtualBox 7.0.6.  Among the items listed in the 
changelog for this version is compatibility with RHEL 9 guests.

Change two - In the Settings - Basic screen of the guest I changed its 
type from "RedHat 64-bit" to "RHEL 9.x 64-bit."

The ISO for network install booted and ran through with no errors.

Hopefully others can benefit from my experience.

Bill Gee

On 1/15/23 14:29, Bill Gee wrote:
> It is time for me to start figuring out how to get all my C7 machines 
> upgraded.  It is obvious that C7 is pretty much an afterthought anymore ...
> My starting point is to set up a C9 machine as a VirtualBox guest.  I 
> have a VBox machine (currently 6.0.40) which runs C8 Stream on the metal 
> and has been running well for over a year.  It has many different guests 
> on it including Fedora 37, CentOS7, FreeDOS, Windows and others.
> I downloaded the network installer ISO file for C9, then set up a VB 
> guest to run it.  It boots the ISO for about 5 seconds then gives a 
> kernel panic.  I am attaching a screen shot and hope it survives the 
> transit through this email list.  It is not possible to scrape this as 
> text and I do not trust myself to type it all correctly.
> Did I miss something bloody obvious in the guest configuration?