[Ci-users] ANNOUNCE: supermin & libguestfs CI on ci.centos.org

Thu Aug 20 14:38:22 UTC 2015
Pino Toscano <ptoscano at redhat.com>


I'm proud to say that now we've got a CI for supermin and libguestfs


We have three jobs that currently runs every night:
- supermin: builds supermin from git master, and runs the test suite
- libguestfs: builds libguestfs from git master using the supermin
  built earlier, and runs the test suite; this is only triggered
  if the supermin job is successful (as the libguestfs tests would
  fail otherwise)
- libguestfs-dist: runs make dist && make maintainer-check-extra-dist
  on the built libguestfs

Every job is built on few slaves representing different Linux
distributions, so we can ensure our development version can work with
newer releases and it doesn't break old ones. At the moment, the slaves
- Fedora 22 (stable)
- CentOS 7 (stable)
- Debian sid (development)
- openSUSE 13.2 (stable)
- Mageia 5 (stable)

There are a few tests failures right now, mostly due to either network
not being setup properly with the libvirt backend, or failures with
newer xfstools versions.

Of course, more jobs can be added for different kind of build/testing,
so I'm open to more ideas about that.

All of this is possible thanks to the resources kindly offered by the
CentOS project, and the amazing work done to help me in setting up
this CI. Thanks again!

Pino Toscano
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