[Ci-users] Introducing python-cicoclient: A library and CLI to admin.ci.centos.org

Fri Nov 13 21:19:30 UTC 2015
David Moreau Simard <dms at redhat.com>


I read the docs, the mailing lists and glanced over the various
scripts out there and was convinced there had to be a better way than
using curl to communicate with admin.ci.centos.org.

Introducing python-cicoclient:
- Github: https://github.com/dmsimard/python-cicoclient
- PyPi: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/python-cicoclient/
- Docs: http://python-cicoclient.readthedocs.org/en/latest/

I broke down this package in three main components:
- client.py: Abstracts the http stuff
- wrapper.py: Uses client.py to wrap around the available API calls
and provide a consistent user experience
- shell.py/cli.py: Provide a CLI interface around wrapper.py

It can be used as both a CLI client with the provided 'cico' binary
but also as a library - you can easily import wrapper and roll your
own thing.

Feel free to use it, contribute and provide feedback !

Please note that as of right now, there is a problem with the "node
get" command due to an upstream bug, documented here:
Please do not use "node get" until this bug is fixed :)

David Moreau Simard
Senior Software Engineer | Openstack RDO

dmsimard = [irc, github, twitter]