[Ci-users] Introducing python-cicoclient: A library and CLI to admin.ci.centos.org

Fri Nov 20 13:55:44 UTC 2015
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

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On 20/11/15 01:14, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 19/11/15 23:31, Ben Kero wrote:
>> I just took a look at the 'cico inventory' output, and find it 
>> super useful. The one piece of information that I see as missing 
>> though is which user checked out a node.
>> One of my primary uses for the module would be to see if I have 
>> any nodes that got stuck and need returned.
>> To do that I would like to see a 'user' column so that I can
>> find the ones that say 'openstack-puppet'. :)
> the inventory call will accept a key, and only return nodes and
> their session-id's allocate to that key. You likely want that,
> instead of the entire inventory list of all in-production
> machines.

I gave myself python-cicoclient a try and already like it :-)
I see that David provides now rpm package for it through his copr
repository :

I'd like to deploy it on the slave jenkins nodes through rpm so that
$project willing to use it would be able to , without having to use a
python virtualenv, or something else.

Opinions about this ?

Then we'd be also able to ask David to build and maintain it through
cbs.centos.org too ;-)

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