[Ci-users] going beyond getting started

Tue Apr 12 20:07:06 UTC 2016
Colin Walters <walters at verbum.org>

Hi, so I got some more time to run through the process of onboarding.

I got a simple job created via JJB that runs directly on the slave.  At
this point though I'd like to load some custom software (rpmdistro-gitoverlay).

Now my understanding is that we only have a non-root user on the slave
VM, and so if we want to do anything that isn't already installed, we should
call out to Duffy?

My first question is - has anyone tried out writing an Ansible dynamic
inventory script for Duffy?  The demo https://github.com/kbsingh/centos-ci-scripts/blob/master/build_python_script.py
is kind of obviously a poor man's Ansible =)

I have 3 other questions about Duffy.  First, might be interesting
to investigate a configuration like this:


which basically runs out of RAM directly.  This model is particularly
well suited to workloads like Duffy where you don't *actually* want
the OS to be persistent on disk.  Using the disks as swap
space instead of xfs/ext4 can be a dramatic speed improvement.  (A large part is
ignoring fsync and journaling)

Beyond that, has any thought been given to also supporting e.g. OpenStack as a provisioning API?
Or for that matter allocating a Kubernetes namespace or OpenShift project?

My workloads for Project Atomic are going to be pretty mixed across
all of these actually.