[Ci-users] RDO jobs in cico

Mon Aug 8 17:00:06 UTC 2016
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 08/08/16 17:52, Eric D Helms wrote:
> In our case, 2 might be a bit limiting and push us to using
> virtualization on the boxes instead of treating them as bare metal
> deployments. A "basic" Foreman/Katello topology would be a server and a
> capsule with 1 or more clients (with 1 being a generally OK test case).
> The difference is that it takes ~1-1.5 hours to do a full successful
> deployment, installation and test run currently. I don't mind switching
> to virtualization as this is how we test locally and do development,
> however, it does change the workflow and scripts which would need
> accounting for.

This is great feedback, we dont want you to switch to virt at all. So in
your above model, 3 machines in one deployment / run is what you are
looking at ?

Was talking to David on irc a few minutes back, and he too thinks that
2/10 min cycle might be too low to start from.

maybe we can start with 4/10 min, that allows you to get a new job off
every 10 min ( you might still hit total deployment quota - which we
usually set to 10 machines per project, and tweak up as needed ).

the key thing is that I dont want to get in the way, we encourage folks
to run and test as they would in user scenarios - so just need a
conservative number to start from, then tweak it as needed while
protecting jobs against a runaway script or a mass queue run. ie. let
jenkins handle the backlog queue, rather than have jobs fail due to
machine pool being depleted.

> Do you have an idea of the average time to live for provisioned boxes?
> And how many at any given time tend to be provisioned from the pool?

At the moment, we recommend folks plan on clearing out / tearing down
within 6 hrs of deployment ( although we dont reap the machines well
past 24 hrs, we might need to reduce that once we start hitting load /
capacity ).


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