[Ci-users] Github status context

Mon Aug 29 13:13:08 UTC 2016
Brian Stinson <brian at bstinson.com>

On Aug 29 13:57, Marek Skalický wrote:
> Hello,
> could you please set "Commit Status Context" in Jenkins configuration
> in "GitHub Pull Request Builder" section to for example "ci.centos.org"
> or something different. Or is this a problem?
> We would like to run another Jenkins CI for the same github repo, so
> this change is required to see all CI results for commit.
> For more information see 'context' in https://developer.github.com/v3/r
> epos/statuses/#statuses.
> Thanks,
> Marek

We'll be setting this to 'cico' at the next upgrade window (yet to be
announced). In the meantime, you can set your own context under 'Trigger
Setup' in the Github PRB configuration section on each job.