[Ci-users] Internal mirror for content you (ab)use within the CI env (aka adding cloud.centos.org)

Fabian Arrotin arrfab at centos.org
Wed Feb 17 06:52:16 UTC 2016

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In the last days, I had to grow the number of nodes behind
cloud.centos.org in the centos.org infra, and when I added two more
nodes, I saw that there were requests coming from the CI env to those
cloud.centos.org nodes :
"GET                                                         │
HTTP/1.1" 200 343368704 "-" "ansible-httpget"

So, to speed up all those requests, I've created yesterday an internal
mirror for cloud.centos.org, so that such requests will not go
"outside" and use Internet bandwidth.

If you have a need for an internal mirror for content you have to
download for each of your tests, feel free to ask on this list, and
we'll add it.
That will mean faster download speed for your test[s] (internal to the
DC) and also more internet bandwidth available for other tasks in that
DC (so win/win)

Kind Regards,

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Fabian Arrotin
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