[Ci-users] Need few packages to be installed in centos jenkins slave

Tue Feb 16 17:01:24 UTC 2016
Vishwanath Bhat <vbhat at redhat.com>


I am trying to run gluster tests from the Jenkins slave setup provided by
centos infra. So in our case Jenkins slave also acts as a management node
for the test framework. That node orchestrates the tests in each of the
test machines. So in order to run the tests from the framework, I need few
packages to be present in the slave machine and have passwordless ssh setup
between the jenkins slave to all test machines. The second part it already
taken care by the infra. We just need few packages to be installed on the

The slave is "slave01.ci.centos.org". And the packages required are
plumbum, rpyc and unittest-xml-reporting.

Since all of the above are python modules, I probably can use virtualenv
and run the tests. I am going to try that tomorrow and update here. But in
the meantime, if someone has access can install those packages, it would be
of great help.

Best Regards,
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