[Ci-users] Scheduled Maintenance 25-Feb-2016 08:00-10:00 UTC (03:00 - 05:00 Eastern)

Mon Feb 22 22:13:45 UTC 2016
Brian Stinson <bstinson at redhat.com>

Hi Folks,

We are taking ci.centos.org down for maintenance starting at 08h UTC on
Thursday February 25th. We will pause jobs 1 hour beforehand to let the
queue clear out.

Planned work:
- Update Jenkins to the latest LTS release and update all plugins to
  their latest versions.
- Install the Github webhooks plugin for Jenkins
- Add memory and reboot slave01
- Add memory and reboot the admin node (Duffy)

We are hoping this will take less than the allotted 2 hours, but we're
blocking out that time just in case. If your jenkins slave runs on
slave01 we will restart the slave process for you, if you have another
arrangement please be sure to double-check your process after this

As always we'll hang out in #centos-devel to answer any questions or
comments and we'll keep the list updated as things progress.


Brian Stinson
CentOS CI Infrastructure Team