[Ci-users] Provision to have an extra disk in the machine returned by duffy

Tue Feb 23 11:45:50 UTC 2016
Vishwanath Bhat <vbhat at redhat.com>


I am using centos-ci infra for setting up CI for glusterfs (as part of
Storage-SIG). And we need to have a proper disk for creating lvms which
acts as gluster bricks.

Right now duffy just gives you a machine with everything in root
filesystem. This is not optimal for testing glusterfs for many reasons. Is
it possible to request duffy to give a machine with small amount of storage
for root and rest for our testing? It is Okay for us to wait for few
minutes until duffy gives us the machines.

Is there any workaround or any hack that we could do to get this done?

Best Regards,
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