[Ci-users] Question on testing in Vagrant with Jenkins

Tue Feb 23 19:12:18 UTC 2016
Brian Stinson <brian at bstinson.com>

On Feb 23 23:24, karthik kumar wrote:
> Hi all,
>   My name is Karthik. In our company we are planning have our own
> t_functional testing running and add more tests and contribute back to the
> community. To start with planning to run test suite in Vagrant VM and got
> struck in pushing the test suite to Vagrant VM and run the ./runtest.sh
>   I know I can have a "Execute Shell" block in Jenkins with vagrant ssh -c
> "git clone xxxx" and vagrant ssh -c "./runtests.sh" but it doesn't look the
> right way to do with Jenkins !! Isn't it ?  My blind guess on whats being
> done in ci.centos is kickstarting machine/provisioning VM, making it as
> jenkins-slave and running the job on it ?
>    So can you please advice how test suite is pushed to target Machine/VM ?
> Thanks

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Hi Karthik,

Generally what projects do in ci.centos.org is to use Jenkins as the
orchestrator, and do all the heavy lifting on the 'provisioned' machine,
including cloning the test harness itself.

So in your example you could do something like:

vagrant ssh -c "git clone <url_of_your_test_suite>; ./runtests.sh"

That would pull down a copy of the t_functional suite into your fresh
vagrant box. 


-- Brian