[Ci-users] Workflow to integrate a Github project with ci.centos.org?

Thu Jun 9 17:14:50 UTC 2016
Hardy Ferentschik <hferents at redhat.com>


> [1] explains on the workflow to integrate a Github project with
> ci.centos.org to trigger builds on every commit or on a pull request.
> However, it misses to mention that we need a "secret key" to setup
> Webhook access to [2]. And, then users are left puzzled as to why the
> integration is not working

I think this is exactly what I am bumping my head against atm. I have setup
the integration as described and builds are triggered on commits and pull
requests, but centos-ci seems not to be able to write back the build status.
I can see an exception in the build logs.

> AFAIK, this secret key has to be created
> for a project by the admin of ci.centos.org and handed out to the
> project owner manually

And how do I go about this? Do I need to create another issue in https://bugs.centos.org?


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