[Ci-users] Update re: our Cloud plans

Sat Mar 19 00:27:31 UTC 2016
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>


We've been looking at bringing up a cloud infra inside of ci.centos.org
so that projects are able to test in and against cloud workloads,
without having to first deploy their own!

As some people on this list might know, the RDO effort is looking at
bringing up an RDOCloud in the coming months, this will have the
capacity to run a large number of instances, and also offer a very
comprehensive openstack feature set. Our intention is to collaborate
with them, and essentially use their cloud instance as the cloud
workload host for ci.centos.org - in return we would offer them
baremetal instances on our side, for when and how they want to test
openstack-ironic driven workloads.

This is made possible largely due to the fact that the RDO Cloud is
likely going to come up, hosted in the same Data Center as the main
ci.centos.org infra is, and we would have 10gb ( or better )
interconnect with their setup.

However, this effort is still in PoC stages.

In the mean time, we have a portion of our ci.centos.org infra, that we
are going to onramp as an RDO Cloud in the coming days. I hope to have
this setup for testing by the 28th March. Also, the aim here is going to
be to offer as-little-features as needed to deliver a minimal viable
IaaS service level. ie, Nova + Keystone + Glance + horizon ( and any
hard ascendancies from there ), backed with a ceph storage cluster. We
will aim to setup the network in a way that it maps 1:1 with the
baremetal machines network ( ie, there will be no tenant isolation etc ).

Ofcourse, with the RDOCloud coming up down the road, the lack of
extended features wont be a thing.

I am hoping to deploy enough capacity to run ~ 500 VMs.


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