[Ci-users] Strategy for scaling jenkins slaves ?

Mon May 16 09:46:33 UTC 2016
Dominic Cleal <dominic at cleal.org>

On 13/01/16 12:52, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> We've been looking at and trying to scope up
> getting an RDO cloud in place, that could then be used for 3 things :
> 1) making an openstack api available for people who want to just consume
> VM's for their workloads
> 2) migrating the slaves into openstack managed ( ie, self/user managed )
> virtual machines
> 3) offering up image backed resources for people looking at doing
> testing with other OSs, eg what the libvirt and libguestfs folks do at
> the moment.
> We have a dedicated hardware slab ( ~ 24 phy machines worth ) dedicated
> to this task ( so as to not cut into the ci baremetal pools ), but are
> waiting on the RH facility folks to get it wired up and dial-toned.
> Given the nature and impact of this setup, I am going to try and see if
> we can speed up delivery of that infra from the present timeline of end
> Feb '16.

Do you expect this service to be available soon?

Dominic Cleal
dominic at cleal.org