[Ci-users] Infinite loop with multiple repos?

Thu Oct 13 08:43:24 UTC 2016
Laurentiu Pancescu <lpancescu at gmail.com>


while adapting the cloudinstance-vagrant-manual-build job on ci.c.o, I 
thought to skip the manual cloning of a second repo via shell scripts 
and add a second repo via the Jenkins UI (I expected it would be cloned 
into a sibling directory to the directory hosting the clone for the 
first repo, but it seems to have just overwritten it).  When I ran the 
job, it not only failed, but retried the job immediately, causing some 
sort of infinite loop.  Cancelling the current job was useless, since a 
new one started immediately, and I ended with more than 250 failed jobs 
in just 1-2 minutes; I had to disable the project to stop it.  I only 
had a trigger to start cloudinstance-vagrant-test on success - no idea 
why it retried again and again...

Is that expected behavior?  I switched to manual git cloning, this works 
without issues.