[Ci-users] FYI : temporary secondary rdo-jenkins slave node

Fri Sep 16 13:05:42 UTC 2016
Attila Darazs <adarazs at redhat.com>

On 09/16/2016 02:18 PM, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> Hi,
> As discussed with Attila this morning, there were quite some issues on
> the rdo-jenkins.ci.centos.org VM in the last days (leading to jenkins
> slave not running and all jobs not running either).
> Lot of xfs issues on the /home partition, and no xfs_repair didn't seem
> to have helped.
> As agreed with Attila, I deployed a rdo-jenkins-2.ci.centos.org VM (on
> the same hypervisor) with a reduced vcpu/memory so that he can then
> configure it (through the RDO ansible playbooks) and migrate what would
> need to be migrated (like probably the jenkins workspace on that node)
> After we'll have confirmation that it seems to work fine, we'll shutdown
> the previous VM, and we'll change the vcpu/memory settings on the newly
> configured VM.

First, thanks to Fabian for the awesome and quick help.

What happened from my side so far:

- copied the keys and .ssh dir from /home/rhos-ci to the new slave in 
/home/rdo-ci (setting this slave up with that user to be less confusing)
- added the crontab entries from the old slave to start the java slave 
client automatically
- installed java jdk and did quickstart.sh --install-deps to add the 
necessary packages to the system
- reduced the executors on the slave from 13 to 8 to not overload the 
slave with the smaller VCPU/memory count

I started a periodic job on it and it seems to be running fine, so I 
added back all the regular labels to it and now it's running jobs.

David should probably install a couple of more stuff to make the weirdo 
jobs work as well.

The user ssh key stayed the same, but now it's for rdo-ci instead of 
rhos-ci, and the host is rdo-jenkins-2.ci.centos.org