[Ci-users] Ansible Update from 1.9.6 -> 2.X

Wed Feb 1 16:42:59 UTC 2017
Jason DeTiberus <jdetiber at redhat.com>

On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 11:37 AM, Laurentiu Pancescu <lpancescu at gmail.com>

> Never mind, I just found an up-to-date build in CBS, from Jan 18th, with
> all the security fixes.  So they are apparently being closely tracked by
> the PaaS SIG.

Yes, we attempt to ship security fixes as soon as we possibly can (cc'ing
Troy who can provide further info there). The main issue that we run into
when using EPEL or Fedora is that once a package update ships, the previous
version is no longer available (with the exception of the version shipped
in the base repo), so there is no easy way to roll back without providing
packages in our repo.

Jason DeTiberus

> http://cbs.centos.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=15268
> On 01/02/17 17:32, Laurentiu Pancescu wrote:
>> From a quick look at the changelog, that particular CBS build is missing
>> the security fixes from (CVE-2016-9587, CVE-2016-8647,
>> CVE-2016-9587 and CVE-2016-8647).  I understand that we'd probably like
>> to have full control over when a version upgrade takes place (not to
>> break things), but we'd need to backport the security fixes.  Or isn't
>> security an issue since cico is an isolated environment?
>> The main reason behind my proposal to adopt whatever Fedora packages was
>> to get security fixes from the security team that handles EPEL and
>> Fedora.  For me, it's still unclear how fast are security fixes landing
>> in SIG-provided packages.
>> But that's certainly your decision to make, I'm fine with it either way.
>> :)
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