[Ci-users] data hub in centos ci

Wed Jul 12 15:20:52 UTC 2017
Anton Sherkhonov <asherkho at redhat.com>


I'm with Systems Design & Engineering group and I'm working on the Data Hub
in CentOS CI OpenShift.

Major part of Data Hub infrastructure is Elasticsearch 5.
Elasticsearch 5 is not officially supported in OpenShift 3.5 deployed in
CentOS CI, we're working on getting proper Elasticsearch 5 support into
OpenShift 3.7 and most likely we'll need at least OpenShift 3.6 features to
properly support Elasticsearch 5.
The reason for the requirement of OpenShift 3.6 is because we're moving to
the new oauth-proxy to secure the routes for Kibana/Cerebro web ui, which
requires OpenShift 3.6.

It would be great to have CentOS CI OpenShift environment upgraded to 3.6
soon after 3.6 is out.

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