[Ci-users] BREAKING CHANGE: Jenkins downtime 30-Jun-2017 20:00 EDT (01-Jul-2017 00:00 UTC)

Wed Jun 21 02:57:33 UTC 2017
Brian Stinson <brian at bstinson.com>

Hi Folks,

We will be updating Jenkins to the latest LTS release and moving the
service to a more performant node on June 30th 2017 at 20:00 EDT

This will require a full restart , and a move of the jenkins volume
which means jobs caught in the queue during the quiet period will _NOT_
be requeued. If there is anything we can do to  make this process
smoother please let us know. 

As usual we will have a 1hr quiet period before this to allow any other
jobs to finish. 

Feel free to find us on #centos-devel on IRC or here on the ci-users
list for questions or comments.


  Brian Stinson
  brian at bstinson.com