[Ci-users] Self Introduction: Sinny Kumari

Wed Jun 21 06:38:14 UTC 2017
Sinny Kumari <skumari at redhat.com>

Hello everyone!

I am Sinny Kumari working at Red Hat and have recently joined this
Mailing List. I have contributed in Fedora by packaging and testing. I
am also part of Alternative Architectures group in Fedora and take
care of some AltArches specific packages like librtas, libservicelog,
opencryptoki, etc. Recently, I have also started working with
Atomic-wg[1] group and working on enabling Atomic Host for aarch64 and
ppc64le arches in Fedora. Meanwhile, also monitoring closely work
happening around Fedora CI efforts in order to get it expanded to

So far, my contribution is around Fedora and would love to expand it
to CentOS. I have talked to Brian Stinson and would like to help with
expanding CentOS CI to Alternative Arches. I am also looking forward
to help in general with other CentOS projects.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Atomic_WG

Sinny Kumari
( https://sinny.io/ )