[Ci-users] How to abort running CI jobs

Fri Jun 16 13:46:09 UTC 2017
Karanbir Singh <kbsingh at centos.org>

On 16/06/17 07:09, Vinzenz Feenstra wrote:
> Hi,
> Our team uses the CentOS CI infrastructure together within GitHub PR to check those to be in shape.
> At times it happens that due to programming mistakes we would like to cancel/abort jobs. As those runs take usually up to 45 minutes or even longer or sometimes are just stuck because they are waiting for user input that ofc never is going to happen.
> Is there some way to stop them?

One option is to not care. Once the job is running, let it run through
to fail.

Whats important then is to ensure your job's are not serialized. I see
you have 4 workers enabled, we can add more worker threads if needed -
but it might also be useful to enable multi-jobs so multiple CI runs for
the same job can be executed in parallel.

That way, if you have a fix in 5 min, you can just request a new ci run,
which should start right away, not needing to wait for the first one to

Would that help work around this specific issue ? If so, we can look at
the configs to see how best to implement it. Typically, this is just a
case of turning on a single line in the JJB.

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