[Ci-users] Testing credentials for GitHub PR plugin

Thu Mar 9 10:06:44 UTC 2017
Marek Skalický <mskalick at redhat.com>

does anyone know if it is somehow possible to to have job using GitHub
pull request builder plugin for Pull Requests testing. BUT configure
the job in a way that no "output" will be shown in GitHub PR? (no
status updates, no "Can one of the admins verify this patch?" messages,
I've not found any option for this. Is there any?

I am using a new job for testing new jobs configuration (I want it to
act the same as "normal" job), but no output should be visible in GH
(the new job configuration may not work properly).

I managed to solve this in my Jenkins by using 'auth-id:' which can't
write a repository.

Would it be possible to add such credential in CentOS CI Jenkins?
(github token for centos user with 'read:org' permission - it is needed
because job can be triggered by all members in GH organization)