[Ci-users] openshift env for CI

Fri Mar 3 19:49:20 UTC 2017
Brian Stinson <brian at bstinson.com>

On Mar 03 14:39, Colin Walters wrote:
> Now that I know both Jenkins/jjb and OpenShift, I find myself
> often thinking in terms of *services* as opposed to the default
> "job" model of Jenkins.
> Basically, a number of the things I'd like to do in the CI env
> would be better expressed as services than as jobs.  (Not all)
> I heard there was an effort to create an internal OpenShift
> environment - are there any examples of consumers of that
> or documentation on it?

This is still in the bringup stage. 

> Are people using that for *persistent* services or just
> testing container images?

"Yes" :) There are a few persistent services that are likely to end up
in CI Openshift, but testing container images is a goal as well.

> But even then I'd really like to expose public services in some
> cases - think informational display that gets awkward to render
> into jobs.
> I have access to other OpenShift clusters where I could run these
> services, but then I get into a situation of copying data around,
> as well as dealing with authentication.
> (IMO really CentOS CI should have *multiple* Jenkins, each group
>  gets its own master deployed *in* OpenShift...a while ago I
>  accidentally forgot a `node:` spec on one of my jobs which ended
>  up running on the libvirt FreeBSD slave.  This is something that should
>  really never happen)

I think this scenario is about to become "painful" (we knew/know this is
coming). The reason for a single master was that the Jenkins frontend
was meant to be the point of collaboration to visualize the 'matrix' of
tests between related projects but lately it's more noisy than anything.