[Ci-users] Testing credentials for GitHub PR plugin

Fri Mar 10 14:00:35 UTC 2017
Colin Walters <walters at verbum.org>

On Fri, Mar 10, 2017, at 03:31 AM, Marek Skalický wrote:
> Brian Stinson píše v Čt 09. 03. 2017 v 07:24 -0600:

> - One job that normally do CI for every PR (job scripts are tested and
> works good - so the results should be visible for users)
> - And I would like to have a second job for the same repository, where
> I want to "test" new versions of job scripts (that should do the same,
> but do it in new, for example more efficient, way). And I would like to
> test them first without showing possible wrong results to user (I will
> check results directly in Jenkins).

This is a problem that we solved with https://github.com/jlebon/redhat-ci
which does it in the same way Travis does: your job definition lives
in the git repository, and when you do a pull request, the job definition
from the pull request is used.

This lets you test changes naturally.

See for example:


There's some open discussion about having this project be an optional
frontend "happy path" for Github PR testing using CentOS CI as a backend.