[Ci-users] Splitting a job and making dependencies

Wed May 31 17:05:10 UTC 2017
Ari LiVigni <alivigni at redhat.com>

As you pointed out Jenkins pipeline is a great fit for this scenario for a
number of reasons.
 - It keeps all the stages in one pipeline with little duplication
 - Great integration with Openshift

That said I understand having to switch from JJB to Pipeline.
There is also a way you can start to combine both while still using JJB:

Multijob is a good way to keep jobs in a pipeline that allows certain jobs
to run in parallel and then gate on a final step.
I do believe this can fit what you are looking for.  If you need to run
multiple similar scenarios of the same steps with subtle config differences
than matrix-jobs are great as well.

I did a blog post on this of how we used this.  We use it for
Openshift-ansible committed and PRs currently.


I hope this helps.

On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 10:44 AM, Václav Pavlín <vasek at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am very new to Jenkins, so please bear with me:)
> We have this JJB config: https://github.com/almighty/almighty-jobs/blob/
> master/devtools-ci-index.yaml
> Where there is this job-template: https://github.
> com/almighty/almighty-jobs/blob/master/devtools-ci-index.yaml#L195
> The script basically copies content of git cloned directory and runs build
> script. If that run is successful it deploys the resulting docker image to
> OpenShift.
> We want to deploy images by tag - which corresponds to git commit hash, so
> it gets templated in by oc process.
> The problem is that there are templates which have more parameters and we
> have taken care of this with a small script in this repostory:
> https://github.com/openshiftio/saas/
> So my goal is to use that saas tool to do the deploy instead of plain oc
> process > oc apply.
> As we have multiple templates which have different scripts, I'd like to
> avoid code duplication - I don't want to copy&paste the oc process/oc apply
> or the script calls around in the file.
> So my thinking to solve this was to create some kind of hierarchy - I
> found something about dependencies and something called multijob where a
> job would trigger a build phase (build a docker image) and a deploy phase
> (oc apply). The key part is that if any of the phases fail, whole job
> fails. Also, deploy phase must not be triggered when build phase fails.
> What would be the correct approach with JJB to solve this? Is this wrong
> thinking? Am I missing something from the Jenkins point of view?
> I know this would be ideally solved by pipelines, but I don't think that
> is an option at the moment.
> Looking forward to comments and suggestions,
> Vašek
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