[Ci-users] apps.ci SCC and oci-kvm-hook ?

Thu Apr 5 14:05:14 UTC 2018
Jonathan Lebon <jlebon at redhat.com>

Just following up on this thread here. We're getting really close to
ready to migrate workloads to OCP.

(1) How can we request a per-namespace SCC with RunAsAny?

(2) Can we get oci-kvm-hook installed on the underlying nodes? I see
Stef has now created a build for EPEL:


(3) I noticed there are no resource quotas on the namespace, though
just to get a sense of what's available, are the nodes underneath sufficiently
powerful to have, say, 10 running pods each with

(4) Are there any plans to upgrade the cluster to v3.7 anytime soon?