[Ci-users] Integration with GitHub PR - Tendrl project

Mon Feb 5 12:32:07 UTC 2018
Daniel Horák <dahorak at redhat.com>

It seems to be working as expected now, thanks!

I'm not sure, if it needed some action from the *centos-ci* user on 
GitHub. If yes, it might be worth to mention it on the GithubIntegration 
wiki page (to avoid some confusion when it doesn't work immediately).


On 02/02/18 13:09, Daniel Horák wrote:
> Hi all,
> we have bunch of jobs configured accordingly to [1] - Mode 2: Trigger a
> build for each Pull Request.
> The jobs seems to be triggered correctly for each new or updated PR,
> but the status of the job is not reflected correctly back to github.
> One of our developers already added *centos-ci* user to the Tendrl
> organization as a collaborator with write access to each repo.
> And every triggered job starts and end with long traceback starting with:
>    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>    FileNotFoundException means that the credentials Jenkins
>    is using is probably wrong. Or the user account does not
>    have write access to the repo.
>    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> In the *GitHub Pull Request Builder* section of the job configuration,
> the *GitHub API credentials* are set to:
>    https://api.github.com : Anonymous connection
> Is this correct? Or should we configure it differently?
> We are using JJB for the job configuration, but I've omitted the
> *auth-id* parameter. Should I configure it somehow?
> Or should there be some other action from the *centos-ci* user?
> [1] https://wiki.centos.org/QaWiki/CI/GithubIntegration
> Thanks,
> Daniel
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