[Ci-users] Emergency Reboot sometime in the next day: Most CI Nodes

Thu Jan 4 02:20:35 UTC 2018
Brian Stinson <bstinson at redhat.com>

Incident Date:

03-Jan-2018 to 04-Jan-2018 

Incident Time:


Approximate outage duration:

A few minutes each on a rolling update


We need to reboot some of the ci.centos.org infrastructure to patch a
kernel vulnerability. This will affect:

- ci.centos.org: 
    - Jenkins 
    - jump.ci 
    - slave0{1,2,3,4,5,6}.ci.c.o
    - admin.ci.centos.org

- apps.ci.centos.org: 
    - Nodes 
    - Masters

We don't know yet the exact time when this will take place, but will do
our best to reschedule any running jobs.

Brian Stinson
CentOS CI Infrastructure Team