[Ci-users] Maintenance Window for 13:00 UTC on 21-Jan-2018 (including the Duffy2 Rollout)

Fri Jan 19 19:49:14 UTC 2018
Brian Stinson <bstinson at redhat.com>

Hi Folks,

We need to finish the rollout for Duffy v2 and I'm hoping we can get
this done starting at 1PM this Sunday.

We have a few things stacked up that make this outage window important
for us: 

- Updating the Jenkins master and a couple of plugins due to security
- Replacing the SSL certificate for ci.centos.org that expires at the
  end of the month
- Finishing the rollout of Duffy2 

We need a full restart of the Jenkins master, and to stop the Duffy API
for a short period of time while we do this. As usual, we'll pause for
an hour beforehand to let any lingering jobs finish.

If you have any questions/comments, please let us know here or in
#centos-devel on Freenode.


Brian Stinson
CentOS CI Infrastructure Team