[Ci-users] Some propsed changes in bugs.centos.org (permissions updates, and reorganization)

Brian Stinson

brian at bstinson.com
Tue Nov 27 19:24:27 UTC 2018

Hi Folks,

I have a couple of problems and proposals that I'd like to discuss for

Currently when a user reports an issue it's very difficult for them to
know where to route things properly. The confusion seems to be between
projects and categories. For example, Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing is
the category under the Buildsys project that's supposed to be used for
both infrastructure issues and new account requests. It's not
immediately obvious that the user needs to select the Buildsys project
to get there though. If they do make it that far, but forget to choose
the Ci.centos.org ecosystem testing category , it may get assigned by
default to someone who are active in CentOS but outside of maintaining
the CICO infra (sorry alphacc and range!).

PROPOSAL: Move CentOS CI to it's own "Project" so that it shows up in
the dropdown list, and allow us to segment CI requests from SIG requests.

In the Buildsys project, once someone reports and issue, they can no
longer update it (ex: if they chose the wrong category, or no longer
have the issue and would like to close it). In a few projects like
Buildsys (and CICO) it makes sense to allow these folks a little freedom
in modifying some of the bug fields.

PROPOSAL: For the Buildsys and CICO projects -only- allow Reporters to
Close, Reopen, and Update their own issues. This would leave the Distro
and SIG projects unaffected.

I can make these changes if we're all happy. Are there any objections?

Brian Stinson
CentOS Infrastructure Team

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