[Ci-users] Can jobs triggered by github triggered jobs set status on github easily?

Fri Sep 14 19:00:26 UTC 2018
Randy Barlow <bowlofeggs at fedoraproject.org>


I'm interested in sprucing up my JJB template[0] so that the following

0) When a pull request is opened, a job is triggered that builds a
   container with the contents of the pull request. The results of this
   are reported to the pull request.
1) Success of that first job triggers a variety of jobs that all use
   that container and test different things. I would like these to run
   in parallel and I would like them to each also report back to the
   pull request. I would like each of these to have their own
  "status-context" that describes what they tested, if that makes sense.

I see that there are a variety of ways to have jobs trigger other jobs,
but what I don't know is how the subsequent jobs can set the
"status-context" since they wouldn't be triggered from the pull request
itself (outside of me manually using curl to GitHub, which I'd rather
not do).

Is there a nice clean/recommended way to achieve this with JJB?


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