[Ci-users] Potentially mis-provisioned CentOS 8-stream nodes

Fri Nov 29 09:56:44 UTC 2019
František Šumšal <frantisek at sumsal.cz>


Today I noticed that approx. half of the CentOS 8-stream nodes our CI got its hands on today
were missing `dnf`:

2019-11-29 09:34:59,493 [agent-control/allocate_node] INFO: Attempting to allocate a node (8-stream x86_64)
2019-11-29 09:34:59,493 [agent-control/_execute_api_command] INFO: Duffy request URL: http://admin.ci.centos.org:8080/Node/get
2019-11-29 09:34:59,507 [connectionpool/_new_conn] INFO: Starting new HTTP connection (1): admin.ci.centos.org
2019-11-29 09:35:00,669 [agent-control/allocate_node] INFO: Successfully allocated node 'n29.pufty' (e819a934)
2019-11-29 09:35:00,669 [agent-control/<module>] INFO: PHASE 1: Setting up basic dependencies to configure CI repository
Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.
Warning: Permanently added 'n29.pufty,' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
bash: dnf: command not found

I'm not sure if it's already known, but it's indeed quite strange :-)


Frantisek Sumsal
GPG key ID: 0xFB738CE27B634E4B

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