[Ci-users] ci.centos.org jenkins update

Fri Dec 18 11:39:56 UTC 2020
František Šumšal <frantisek at sumsal.cz>


On 12/17/20 11:18 AM, Vipul Siddharth wrote:
> I would also like to open a question to you all who are using OCP4
> cluster. How would you want to manage Jenkins update for your
> namespace? There are multiple ways from them being auto updated
> whenever we update the cluster (this is by default that we use),
> time'd/self trigger updates, or updates on change in tags.
> I am interested in hearing your thoughts.

I'm actually fine with either method, as long as it doesn't disturb
already running jobs. Is this even feasible with the auto update,
or it always requires manual intervention (basically what you did
with the legacy Jenkins instance)?



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