[Ci-users] Missing recent builds

Fri Feb 7 17:15:48 UTC 2020
František Šumšal <frantisek at sumsal.cz>

I see, thanks a lot for the explanation!

I guess the issue here is that in systemd we usually generate several 
dozens of builds per day, so leaving just last 20 cuts into the 'recent
history'. However, I absolutely get the space issue, so I'll reconfigure
all jobs to keep the artifacts for 30 days, and the jobs themselves for
60 days (and they shouldn't take much space and would help us to reschedule
them if they're needed again).

Anyway, if the need arises and a cleanup is necessary, could you remove
just the artifacts? It would leave us with the option of being able to
easily reschedule the job (as doing that manually is next to impossible
due to sheer amount of variables the GitHub plugin sets). 


On 2/7/20 5:43 PM, Vipul Siddharth wrote:
> When /var/lib/jenkins gets full (or about to), I leave just the last
> 20 builds and prune rest to clear up some space
> Since we advise to copy important things (like builds to artifacts), I
> didn't know they were important (leaving 20 to go back and address
> some issues)
> In case you don't want me messing with them, please let me know.
> Apologies for those.
> On Fri, Feb 7, 2020 at 10:04 PM František Šumšal <frantisek at sumsal.cz> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just noticed that many of the recent builds from our Jenkins slave[0] were unexpectedly
>> removed, even though they shouldn't be, according to the retention policy (which is set
>> to keep builds for 90 days in all affected jobs). As it's not the first time this happened
>> I'm curious if there's some other retention policy we should be aware of, as this is kind of
>> annoying - the missing jobs are a few days old, some of them failed, but apart from not
>> being able to check the logs, we can't even reschedule them, because they don't exist
>> anymore.
>> Note: the retention policy is currently set unnecessarily high - that's a remnant from the last
>> time this issue occurred, as I thought Jenkins is simply miscalculating the retention policy
>> configuration. Cutting it to 45 or even 30 days should be an issue to conserve space on the
>> master.
>> PS: sorry for the double post, Vipul, I accidentally dropped the ML from To:
>> Thank you,
>> Frantisek
>> [0] systemd-ci-slave01
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