[Ci-users] using ci.centos.org for quarkus opensource project builds ?

Mon Jan 13 12:19:23 UTC 2020
Max Rydahl Andersen <manderse at redhat.com>

> On Fri, Jan 10, 2020, at 08:40, Max Andersen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was chatting with Paul Bergene if it was possible to use 
>> ci.centos.org for off-loading some of Quarkus opensource project 
>> builds.
>> We got two kind of builds we would be interested in "offloading".
>> First are regular jobs which would be easy to setup via jenkins.
>> Question here is if docker builds and runs are allowed in the nodes ? 
>> I remember there being some limitations earlier on this ?
> Docker builds are allowed on the Duffy nodes, and in our new mode of 
> operations (where projects get their own namespace in Openshift 
> they're encouraged).

cool - is the steps to activate this still just to open a bugzilla issue 
requesting the job setup or how ?

>> The other is if it is in any way possible to use ci.centos.org as 
>> target for github actions ?
>> Is that something that have been considered enabling?
> Developing a github action is very much a wishlist item for us, we'd 
> like to do this, but can't dedicate time to developing this at this 
> time. We'd be open to collaborating on this if someone was interested 
> enough to help with the heavy lifting

As long as no hard deadlines :) I would be interested in trying to give 
this a go if it is at all possible.

My first thought was to use ci-centos.org as a host for self-runners but 
not sure if feasible as this seem to [require an always on and running 
- maybe we can proxy it.

Having it as a GitHub action might be a interesting thought - but not 
sure if we can get the same level of integration (especially around how 
caching works).

Would be interested to hear what thoughts you made on it and we can work 
from there!


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