[Ci-users] Availability of ppc64le and aarch64 nodes in cico

Tue Mar 24 16:18:16 UTC 2020
Vipul Siddharth <vipul at redhat.com>

Hi folks,
We have added ppc64le and aarch64 nodes for both 8 and 8-stream in the
cico-pool that you can checkout through python-cicoclient
`cico node get --arch ppc64le --release 8 --flavor medium`
The pool count[0] has been updated accordingly.
The number is very limited as of now due to infrastructure limitations
but we will monitor the usage of the nodes and will adjust the pool
count that suits the best.
If you notice any problem, do let me know here or on #centos-ci at Freenode
Thank you, stay safe and wash hands :)

[0] https://wiki.centos.org/QaWiki/CI/Duffy

Vipul Siddharth
Fedora | CentOS CI Infrastructure Team
Red Hat
w: vipul.dev