[Ci-users] Changes on CentOS CI and next steps

Wed Jun 15 19:02:25 UTC 2022
Miroslav Vadkerti <mvadkert at redhat.com>


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> On Wed, 2022-06-15 at 08:49 -0300, Camila Granella wrote:
> > With that being said, tenants can start preparing for the changes to
> > happen with the maximum deadline of the end of December 2022 wherein
> > at this point, Duffy API legacy mode will be removed. You are
> > required to opt-in if you and/or your team want to use Duffy CI.
> > Projects will only be migrated if they reply to this email confirming
> > that they wish to proceed.  Worth knowing that not opting in means
> > that your API key will not be migrated and so all your requests to
> > get temporary/ephemeral nodes will be rejected by the new Duffy API.
> The Hyperscale SIG is currently using OpenShift for various CI/CD
> pipelines, and would like to continue doing so. We're not currently
> using Duffy (to my knowledge), but we're interested in building some
> VM-based test pipelines down the road (e.g. for end-to-end testing of
> our distro spins and our systemd builds), so that's something we'll
> want to look into as well.

We provide a service for testing against VMs for CentOS called Testing Farm:


Feel free to reach out to me for details, we support x86_64 and aarch64
on AWS EC2 instances. It could spare you some cycles rolling something your

Best regards,

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> Davide
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