[Ci-users] Fedora Rawhide images on the EC2 instances

Thu Jun 23 10:06:31 UTC 2022
Mark O'Brien <markobri at redhat.com>


> We currently build FCOS rawhide AWS images for both x86_64 and
> aarch64, but don't create AMIs.[1] We could do so if there's demand
> for it. Part of the issue there is garbage collection, which is
> something we'd like to tackle soon.

There is a lambda function running in our AWS account that can help with
It automatically deletes AMIs, EBS Volumes, Snapshots or instances based on
You just need to use the tag "Delete":"<delta_in_days>"

For example, if you tag your AMIs with "Delete": "200" they will be
cleaned up when they reach 200 days old.

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