[Ci-users] Changes on CentOS CI and next steps

Tue Nov 29 14:08:49 UTC 2022
Martin Pitt <mpitt at redhat.com>

Hello all,

Camila Granella [2022-06-15  8:49 -0300]:
>    The existing OpenShift cluster will be also decommissioned and a new one
>    (hosted in AWS, so without an option to run kubevirt operator nor VMs) will
>    be then used (you will have to migrate from one to the other)

I know that a few months ago we said that we wouldn't need a tenant on the new
OpenShift cluster for the "frontdoor" (Cockpit/composer/subscription-manager UI
etc. CI) project. But it turns out it would be good after all, as we still have
three small, but important services running on the current cluster: our GitHub
webhook and a prometheus/grafana pair for our metrics. These don't take a lot
of resources, and don't need /dev/kvm, but they do need to live on the public

So if we could opt into that migration still, that'd be great! Do I need to
sign up for that anywhere?

Thank you,

Martin for the Cockpit team