[Arm-dev] Howto / bananapi

Mandar Joshi emailmandar at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 14:08:31 UTC 2015

> just to confirm the components being used in the template are all coming
> from those compiled ( including uboot etc ) in our armv7 builds ?
Boards not yet supported by the CentOS Kernel use files (kernel
modules,firmware,dtb) from various sources. All the sources have been
mentioned right at the bottom of the README.md in the section "About
contents of the directory 'files':". Some more information is there in
the README in the files directory. Please refer

[1] https://github.com/mndar/rbf/blob/master/README.md
[2] https://github.com/mndar/rbf/blob/master/files/README.md

I have now added support (experimental) for the Lamobo R1 based off
information from

After pulling the latest sources, to generate the image, the command
you need to run is
./rbf.py build templates/lamobor1_centos_custom.xml
and then write lamobor1-centos-image.img to your microSD

I am a bit anxious if things will work. Please do let me know how it
goes. If you have a serial console cable of the R1 that would be
really useful for debugging.

Mandar Joshi

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