[Arm-dev] EPEL 7 packages for arm

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Wed May 6 14:50:24 UTC 2015

Those of us running Redsleeve 6, have had to deal with no up to date 
EPEL6-arm.  Fortunately, most that I needed were noarch, so I was able 
to just get the rpms and do a localinstall.

So we really do need an EPEL5-arm and someone maintaining it...

On 05/06/2015 10:16 AM, Troy Dawson wrote:
> I'm not sure if this question belongs here or on a fedora mailing 
> list.  Or maybe it's already been discussed somewhere and I just 
> missed it.
> Is there a plan on what to do with EPEL7 packages, for arm?
> Is Fedora thinking of adding arm to the EPEL7 build arch?
> Is CentOS planning on hosting a repo that contains those?
>   If so, will it be all EPEL7 or just a subset?
> Right now, if you had all the CentOS7 arm packages compiled and ready 
> to go, you wouldn't be able to create a build/plague machine, because 
> mock, and several of it's dependencies, are in EPEL7, and not RHEL7.
> Anyway, if this has already been discussed, could someone point me at 
> it.  If it hasn't, where would be the appropriate place to discuss it?
> Thanks
> Troy
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