[Arm-dev] CentOS 7 ARMv7 build status

Fabian Arrotin arrfab at centos.org
Thu May 21 12:01:48 UTC 2015

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I've been busy on various things (including personal and family
related issues) but I had some time to work on the plague build farm.
After a discussion with Johnny, KB and Jim, we thought that it would
be a good idea to try to focus first on a "self-contained" buildroot,
and only then trying to rebuild the 7.1503 SRPMS against that
buildroot, and not against F19/F20 (there will be some issues that
will need to be solved though)

I got a "self-contained" buildroot, rebuilt from 7.1503 packages, and
I started with gcc, then glibc, then kernel (4.0.0-1, for compat
reason with aarch64), and each time repodata was regenerated , so
glibc has been rebuilt with gcc from 7.1.1503, etc ..

The current c7-buildroot is here :

Then I put all the 7.1503 in the queue, and target name being
c7-pass-1 , and the built packages are located here :

As plague-server required mod_python (deprecated now) we don't have
any Web UI people can have a look at. But I created a
"quick-and-dirty" script that gathers information from the mysql DB,
and outputs that here :
- - Packages in the current queue : http://armv7.dev.centos.org/queue.html
- - Packages in a "failed" status :
http://armv7.dev.centos.org/report.html (with link to the log files)

Those pages are generated every 5 minutes, through a cron job.

Now that we have something that can be used, I'll work on the access
for contributors (two names are on my list).

Actually, I'm also using the list of packages in failed status, to
requeue those at the end, automatically. A best option would be to do
that in a "clever" way, so trying to build a map of BuildRequires: and
so which package would need to be built before another one, but my
time is limited at the moment ( <hint> welcome ! </hint> )

I'm not expecting that to work for a complete and final tree though.
So we'll have to have a look at the build logs, and sometimes we'll
probably have to use a specific mock config file for one or two
packages (or even a "patch" will be needed too) so the
best/easiest/fastest will probably be to do that "locally" and not use
plague (even if using the same build nodes)

I had to exclude some packages from the queue, as armv7hl was
excluded, but we can probably investigate if that can be built or not ...

I guess people don't want me to spam the list every day with a long
list of packages still in the queue :-) , so everybody can have a look
at the website.

If you have brilliant ideas, opinions, etc .. feel free to comment and

Sorry if that took more time that what I was expecting ...

Kind Regards
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Fabian Arrotin
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