[Arm-dev] Missing packages/groups in armhfp repo

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Apr 4 14:14:50 UTC 2016

Hi Adam,

On 03/04/16 15:12, Adam Bishop wrote:
> I just deployed the raspberry pi image for some testing and found a couple of rough edges with the armhfp port.
> Mock doesn't work out of the box; it'd be nice if it shipped with a working config file, but after having written one builds are failing because the @buildsys-build yum group is not available. I can probably work around this by specifying the list of packages needed for the buildroot manually, but I suspect that the group may not exist because some required packages are missing.

as an example you can draw from. This is the buildinstall line we use :

config_opts['chroot_setup_cmd'] = 'install bash bzip2 coreutils cpio
diffutils system-release findutils gawk gcc gcc-c++ grep gzip info make
patch redhat-rpm-config rpm-build sed shadow-utils tar unzip util-linux
which xz'

Hope this helps.

I know that there was talk of getting an armhfp config included in the
mock shipped, maybe Fabian can work with Johnny to get an updated config
in and shipped into Extras/

Shubham: is this something you were working on as well with Lala ?


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