[Arm-dev] Missing packages/groups in armhfp repo

Gordan Bobic gordan at redsleeve.org
Mon Apr 4 12:27:41 UTC 2016

On 2016-04-04 13:17, Jim Perrin wrote:
> On 04/03/2016 09:31 AM, Gordan Bobic wrote:
>> On 2016-04-03 15:12, Adam Bishop wrote:
>>> I just deployed the raspberry pi image for some testing and found a
>>> couple of rough edges with the armhfp port.
>>> Mock doesn't work out of the box; it'd be nice if it shipped with a
>>> working config file, but after having written one builds are failing
>>> because the @buildsys-build yum group is not available.
>> Funnily enough, I pointed out the exact same thing a week or two ago.
>> The response was that this group is no longer used and the packages
>> are instead included in the base root - except that clearly isn't
>> what actually happens.
> It really is. The mock configs are in git, you can see that we spell 
> out
> the packages for the buildroot.

So perhaps the correct thing to do would be to make sure a suitable
centos-7-aarch64.cfg config file ships with mock as provided in the
CentOS 7 aarch64 extras repository?

>>> I can probably
>>> work around this by specifying the list of packages needed for the
>>> buildroot manually, but I suspect that the group may not exist 
>>> because
>>> some required packages are missing.
>> They exist, at least on aarch64 and armv5tel (RedSleeve), so it is
>> a virtual certainty they are there on c7 armhf. What you need is:
>> http://ftp.redsleeve.org/pub/el6/6.7/comps.xml
>> and make a dummy empty repository out of it:
>> createrepo -g comps.xml .
> Redsleeve makes changes, and that's up to them. The buildsys-build 
> group
> has always come from EPEL, even on x86_64.

Fair enough, but since mock _package_ that ships with CentOS 7 aarch64
doesn't come with the C7 aarch64 build configuration file, that at
least could be considered a bug. The fact is that mock, as shipped
with C7 aarch64 doesn't work for building C7 aarch64 packages without
a custom config.

>> Add that path to that repo to your mock repositories, and all will
>> start working just fine.
>>> I've confirmed that httpd-devel and apr-devel are not present in the
>>> repository; is this an oversight or is there a problem building them
>>> for arm?
>> Interesting, they are missing on armhf, but they are there on
>> aarch64. :-/
> The buildsys-build group isn't available on aarch64 for CentOS either.

That last paragraph was about httpd-devel and apr-devel _packages_,
not group definitions. Those don't appear to be there in the armhf


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