[Arm-dev] Work flow for fixing packages for Pi3

Lalatendu Mohanty lmohanty at redhat.com
Mon Apr 18 22:10:11 UTC 2016


I have some questions about the work flow we are following for fixing 
stuff for CentOS ARM . For example I am trying to make docker run on 
Pi3. So I tried to rebuild it on Pi3 using centos-7-armhfp.cfg [1] and 
failed because of a dependency error i.e. no Package found for 
go-md2man>= 1.0.4.

I am sure, to build docker for Pi3 I need to build the dependency chain. 
But the question is how do I know if a certain is dependency chain is 
already fixed in CentOS ARM project and I can reuse the packages. 
Basically I do not want to redo the stuff which is already fixed and 
available for reuse. Is there a repository for these?

The second question is if I get successful at rebuild a package with 
some changes, how do contribute it back so that others can reuse the 
stuff? I guess the answer is I should send the patch to arm-dev mailing 

Not sure if we have a wiki page for this kind of information. If we have 
please point me to that.

[1] http://armv7.dev.centos.org/repodir/centos-7-armhfp.cfg


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