[Arm-dev] Testing some packages from epel-pass-1, patch munin-node for raspberry 2/3

Mark Verlinde mark at havak.nl
Thu Apr 21 14:18:34 UTC 2016


Were conducting a little experiment porting a e-smith/SME based server application to armv7hfp.
At this stage we dont let us held back by questioning what feasible user cases could be [1] and make gratefully use of (unsigned) packages in found in /repodir/epel-pass-1/.

Just to give a little feedback; we are testing, on a functional level, packages of: shorewall, amavisd-new (including ClamAV), openvpn, collectd and some additional perl- and pythonlibrarys (see attached for detailed list)
collectd-rrdtools depends on, go figure, rrdtool which is found in /repodir/c7-pass-1/ but has not made it to the published repos (jet?).

Tools I personally use for monitoring/testing are : htop, iotop and munin-node

for the raspberry pi munin-node needed a little patch:
(direct link to patch)
http://munin-monitoring.org/attachment/ticket/1462/munin-v2.0.6-raspberry_pi-irqstats-usb_fiq.patch <http://munin-monitoring.org/attachment/ticket/1462/munin-v2.0.6-raspberry_pi-irqstats-usb_fiq.patch>

Tnx for your hard work!. grt Mark Verlinde
 1 <ps>it would take the fun part away, nevertheless <ps> you could argue the memory footprint of ClamAV (ca 350MB) pushed a raspberry pi to it’s hardware limits. 

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