[Arm-dev] Clustering Project for Pi2's using CentOS Userland

Ed Anderson digital.mechanic at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 11:01:11 UTC 2016

I'm working on building a Pi2 Cluster and I've been reluctant to fallback
to Debian (Jessie).  I'd prefer CentOS because I know it better and can get
things done - what I'm missing are some of the devel rpms needed for
compiling things.  I'm not usually building an end-to-end system from
source, I usually just get the O/S and build my tools locally but I can't
seem to find things like libxslt-devel for Arm7.

While I'm a noob to Arm7/Pi2, I'm not a noob to clustering or building
stuff - but I'm having trouble finding some of the things I need.  Can you
point me to a thread, someplace where I can RTFM so I can get my stuff
built on the Arm7 platform.

My overall intent, after getting my cluster running is to package setup in
an easy to deploy image with scripting to setup nodes... and then put it
out there for the community to play with and improve.  I'm using
ClusterLabs s/w with crmsh (because I don't want to build or waste space on
Ruby to support pcs).

Thoughts? Any existing end-to-end cluster setups for the Pi2?

Any help on finding the right pieces for my build would be greatly


Digital Mechanic
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