[Arm-dev] Armv7 EOL

Nicolas Repentin nicolas at shivaserv.fr
Mon Oct 10 13:37:38 UTC 2016

Thanks :)
Nicolas Repentin
9 octobre 2016 03:44 "Karanbir Singh"  a écrit: 

	On 08/10/16 12:15, Nicolas Repentin wrote:  Hello

Can you tell me if CentOS 7 Armv7hl is maintained, and follow the same
versions of packages as x86_64 versions?

What is the end of life date for this version? 
the arm7 repos are getting updates, in sync with the x86_64 tree, for
the rpms built/ported already
 Maybe it's better to use aarch64? 
the aarch64 distro is a more complete setup, yes - but you cant use
aarch64 distro on a armv7 hardware piece, so your choice in distro arch
will largely be driven by the hardware choices you make.
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