[Arm-dev] kernel 4.11.0-22.el7.2.aarch64 does not boot on ThunderX

Jim Perrin jperrin at centos.org
Tue Oct 10 16:41:18 UTC 2017

On 10/10/2017 01:30 AM, Itaru Kitayama wrote:
> Hi,
> In our attempt upgrading from 4.5.0-25.el7.aarch64 to the 4.11-based kernel
> we see the latter does not boot on ThunderX.
> Here's the HW details:
> http://b2b.gigabyte.com/ARM-Server/R150-T62-rev-100#support-manual
> The BIOS release is T43. (According Red Hat, they've been testing fine
> their
> 1 socket GIGABYTE server with their RHEL 7 kernels.)

This is usually down to firmware issues, but we don't test every
possible hardware/firmware variation to validate.

> I am wondering what ThunderX platform CentOS has been using for testing,
> and
> the list happens to have the above HW.
> The boot process seems to be stuck as soon as system prints our EFI stub
> messages.
> No messages from the kernel.
> Is the CentOS Alt architecture group going to release a 4.12 or .13
> kernel soon?

We'll likely match what RH does for their aarch64/arm64 support.

Jim Perrin
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